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Welcome to the website of the Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

We inform those wishing to participate in the third international conference of Guilan Rural Heritage Museum that the deadline for the submission of abstracts has been extended to 30 January 2015.


In the heart of the forest nature of Saravan, we have put the Guilani villages before your eyes with the same environment of sincerity, affection, friendship and humanity. We have preserved this nostalgic past in Guilan Rural Heritage Museum to link the past and present generations and introduce a corner of the culture and history of our dear Guilan.

Roaming in the site and visiting all kinds of dismantled and reassembled rural houses from nine different cultural-architectural domains carrying the memories of precedent 150 years and witnessing the activities of the villagers of those days, the past would revive for you.

We are happy to say we could preserve and conserve this invaluable heritage in an open air museum before it is eliminated and now we are exposing it to you.

We believe that the cultural heritage of every nation is a supporting treasure for them; if they don’t know their close past they never would comprehend the far past.

May once more we become the “citizens” of our land through recognition of our rich history and culture and preservation of our values and authenticity for the purpose of development and improvement of our dear Iran.

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